Articles and Reviews

January 10, 2014 South Florida Sun Sentinel (Front Page Local” Mosaic Alters Theater Entrance”

Fall 2010 Chart Magazine- Final Touches- People in Arts and Charities

January 2009 Orlando Home & Leisure “Picking Up the Pieces- The work of Mosaic artist Suzi K Edwards”

September 2006 Orlando Maggiezine “Marvelous Mosaics

January /August 2005 “ Orlando Arts Magazine “ A Mosaic Match”

Orlando Sentinel Feb 18, 2003 Photo Shakespeare Portrait Front Page Life& Times

July 8, 2001 Orlando Sentinel – Photo Leoguana da Vinci” Orlando International Airport

Orlando Home Design Spring 1999 “ Show and Tell” Tile Maker

June 13, 1999 Orlando Sentinel- Florida Magazine, Home Design- Feature article- Colorful Tiles

June 1996 Downtown Orlando Monthly “Public Art”

Jan 4, 1994 “ Coalition for the Homeless has bright idea for 250 feet of dullness”

Jan 10, 1994 Orlando Sentinel Front Page “ The Colors of Home”

May 2 1994 Orlando Sentinel “ Friend to the homeless”

May 1993 Orlando Sentinel –“Earthcare for Kids”

November 3 1993Orlando Sentinel “Nurses say “Ahh” after Art Lady serves spoonful of stress relief

July 12, 1992 Orlando Sentinel “ Artists Add Color to Shelter Walls, lives of homeless

June 12, 1992 Orlando Sentinel “ T-shirts are topical Works of Art”

November 27, 1992 Orlando Sentinel-“Dolls of the Earth”

January 1992 -Metro Magazine “ Kitchen’s Table a Cut Above

September 21, 1990 Orlando Sentinel “ “Wanted: Generous Hands to Hold Paint Brushes (250’ Mural Coalition for the Homeless)

Orlando Sentinel January 12, 1990 “Homeless draw on life dreams for mural”

Orlando Sentinel March 19, 1990 “ Dreams Unveiled”

October 12, 1989 Winter Park Outlook “Artwork of Suzi Edwards Studies reflecting Life

November 5 1989 Orlando Sentinel Sunday Magazine “ Some like it Lush”

Dec 1989 Central Florida Magazine “Intriguing People”